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The complete and full explanation of T-Ara’s controversy.


This post contains every single nook and cranny that contributes to this huge controversy. The evidence here is overwhelming, and even I find it funny how one of T-ara’s fansites has even become a site “asking for the truth”.

After seeing this, you will never see T-ara the same way again.

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This is just disgusting.

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Rest in Peace Go Eunbi. you will be missed

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so since vixx and beast are on hiatus, I’m not gonna be on here much. I might be back when vixx or beast come back but it all depends on my circumstances.

In the meanwhile, i will be on my personal account. If you want you can follow me there: x

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14 Days to the English Premier LeagueStadiums

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#askjesus: Why are your eyes so pretty ?

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15 Days to the English Premier LeagueCrests

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what thiago silva really thinks… (insp. by x )

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